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  1. Good utility for monitoring average CPU usage over time?

    I need a utility that will allow me to monitor CPU usage over a timespan of about an hour and, preferably, give me an average for the percent of CPU utilization over time. I'm pretty sure Windows Performance Monitor will allow me to do this, but I can't figure out how to do it. Any suggestions?

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  2. Question Amd or i5? Help!

    Hi, I was just trying to find about processors when I found this site, so thought that I might be able to find out about which processor to buy over here (Nice forums btw) Trying to build a new computer with a budget of about 800$ - 900$ (no need of monitor, keyboard or mouse).. with near zero...

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  3. Wink Suggestions for an old timer....

    Hey guys, it has been several years since I built my last system and as usual the world of mobos and cpus has progressed at warp speed while I have been sleeping. Anyway I am looking at building a new system and I have my preferences but I would appreciate few suggestions on where to begin afresh....

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  4. Intel's Sandy Bridge (32nm) and Ivy Bridge (22nm) both in 2011

    Looks like Intel may be launching two sets of processors next year. **********************.fudzilla**********/processors/processors/processors/intel-on-track-for-22-nm In Q1 we will get Sandy Bridge which should offer a pretty significant performance jump over the Current i3/i5/i7 series. Later in the year we...

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  5. AMD Bulldozer...

    I was reading up on it and found something very amusing about it. Remember back when Intel was bringing out their first dual core processors that weren't really 'true' dual cores? AMD hounded them endlessly about this, same with the Quads. Now with Bulldozer they are basically doing just that....

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  6. early results show Sandy bridge overclocked to 4.9ghz on air

    **********************.techspot**********/news/40296-intel-overclocks-sandy-bridge-cpu-to-49ghz.html <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value="**********************.youtube**********/v/XRKsZ3wfK2M?fs=1&amp;hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess"...

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  7. Unable to install Turbo Boost

    Hi, i am using Dell Studio 1558 purchased 2 months back. I installed windows 7 in system, but i am not able to install Turbo Boost drivers. i get error "COMPUTER DOES NOT MEET MINIMUM REQUIREMENT" i have tried installing New drivers from dell and intel still same issue. i have an I7...

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  8. Sandy Bridge stuff

    **********************.anandtech**********/show/3871/the-sandy-bridge-preview-three-wins-in-a-row/1 Intel, you glorious embittered ************************s. I just put down money on 1366, now you're going quad-channel? What even NEEDS quad-channel? Right, on to the architecture. Sandy Bridge is a Nehalem...

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  9. new CPU 80-130 €

    I thought that my board was broken,but is fine!:) So I want a new processor,an E 5XXX or an E 7300 Which will be the best?I want to work with software like Visual Studio 2008 and Photoshop,is not for games I can get the E 7300 for a good price!

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  10. i7-930

    So, how many cores does the i7-930 have? NewEgg says 4, but my computer says 8.

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    07-16-10 02:15 AM Go to last post
  11. OMG! I am so frustrated!

    OK, so I explained the issues I was having with the DFI board and the Southbridge going out. I finally bit the bullet and bought a new system as discussed in the thread below. So I put it all together and the neither of my video cards worked, the evga 260's. I tried each of them in the slots and...

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  12. Help finding compatible processor upgrade

    I am looking for help from someone more knowledgeable than myself in the processor/CPU field to tell me what potential upgrades would work with my computer set up. I am unsure what system specifications to post to assist in answering the question, but I suppose I'll throw in the basics. Please let...

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  13. Hlelp me decide on a new build.

    I'm looking to upgrade. Which would you choose and why? i7-860 Lynnfield $280 ASUS Maximus III Formula $250 G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB $110 CORSAIR Cooling Hydro $80

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  14. Which CPU for power NON-Gamers ??? HELP PLEASE!!!!

    Hi all, I am looking to build a new system for my office needs, but all seems set towards gamers and the TV brigade rather than business and design use. I need a system that ain't gonna break the bank, but I amd also not looking for the wham-bam set of sparkles that will never be used. My...

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  15. Phenom II X6 1055T, Junior six core processor

    i just saw a review of Phenom II X6 1055T, the lower sibling of the X6 1090T, with an incredible price tag of just under $200. all i have to say is WOW. if you set aside the number of cores, this CPU can outperform an i5 750 clock for clock @4ghz. and it's way cheaper than the i5 750. ...

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  16. Athlon X2 5000+ (Deneb): Upgraded for Under $36 O_o

    This is an absolutely mind blowing deal so you may have heard about it already, especially since it's kinda old, but I sure as hell didn't know 'till several days ago when there was a post at VR-Zone about it. Apparently AMD released a crippled AM2+ (DDR2 only) Deneb as a dual core and named it the...

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  17. CPU Upgrade

    Hi all, Will replace my Q6600 with an X3370(Q9650) soon. Can anyone tell me if it runs hotter or cooler in the identical system? See Everest below for present. Field Value Sensor Properties Sensor Type ITE IT8718F + DES (ISA 290h) GPU Sensor Type Diode (NV-Diode) Motherboard...

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  18. Exclamation Upgrade from AM2 to AM3

    Hi people i am using AMD 6000+, motherboard as mentioned in the signature gigabyte ma-78gm s2h, the board suports am3 processor, i want to upgrade from amd 6000+ to a better processor clock speed is 3.01 GHz pls suggest a good processor

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  19. Phenom II X6 Review

    Anandtech posted a review of the Phenom II X6 Processor. While extremely affordable, I find it to be just sad. Even in multithreaded apps, it can't even topple intel's fastest quad core CPU. This architecture is dead and really needs to be replaced.

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  20. Nehalem keeps on sizzling

    I believe that this article is well worth a read as I found it very interesting to say the least. The ramifications of Intel's latest Xeon are absolutely amazing and I'm sure many of you would agree. :thumb: Intel's Nehalem simply sizzles ...

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  21. The AMD Opteron™ 6000 Series Platform

    I'll take two of the 12-core chips please. :) **********************.amd**********/us/products/server/processors/6000-series-platform/Pages/6000-series-platform.aspx

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  22. Core i7 980X 6-core


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  23. Fake i7 920 from Newegg

    it's all over the net today.... Max Page just posted this up. apparently a bunch of customers independtly bought their 920 from newegg and received fake counterfeits. open the box: fake plastic fan and junk piece of metal made to look like the CPU, a blank booklet of instruction. you can be...

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  24. Level 3 cache in the i5 661?

    OK.. call me a noob or whatever.. but in a nutshell what does L3 cache do? and what effect does it have on performance? Couldn't help but notice that the Intel i5 661's have 4MB of L3 and the i5 750 has 8MB.. the diffence of course 661 has 32nm technology.. so should there be any noticeable...

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  25. Thumbs up AMD Phenom II 550 Black Edition - Mini Review

    I'm in the process of setting up an HTPC. As work moves along on that, I will post a thread with pics. For now I wanted to post a little bit of info about the processor. I decided to go with an AMD platform for several reasons: 1.) I give enough money to Intel. 2.) Integrated HD 4200...

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  26. I wish i had this about 4 years ago, or so

    sorry, pic is a little big, but i just wanted to share, i wish i had this stockpile about 4 years or so ago

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  27. I am confus...

    I've got an E6300, which I've overclocked from 1.8Ghz to 2.8Ghz. I've just seen them on ebuyer listed as 2.8 stock! **********************.ebuyer**********/product/167118 eh?

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  28. fine, i'll go intel....

    well not really, but i have this p4p800-se board here, with 2gb of ocz platinum, a radeon x850 at the moment, and i have the choice between a 3ghz northwood to play with, and a mobile P4 1.8, that defaults to a 12x multiplier and 100mhz fsb leaving lots of headroom for overclocking goodness, and...

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  29. intel i3,i5 or i7

    sup dudes! i am building a new gaming rig and its been some time since my last build amd x2 days lol anyway i seen alot of new intels chips out there.so what would it be the i3 i5 or i7's.making a gaming rig and budget is $800.i dont need a monitor ,mouse keybored,speakers.so any advice? thanks!

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  30. does this count as a quad?

    does it count as a quad core system if i build both of these into the same case, and configure them as a cluster?

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  31. 6-core Gulftown Coming... early?

    Possible March release... An article from INQ... mentions a few things that look fairly promising for the new line of processors. Only down side is they believe there will be no i7 920 type and that they will start at $600. There seems to be a decent chance that these new processors will work...

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  32. I got my Athlon X3 installed

    so i picked up my X3 435 today, it was on sale for 88$ CAN, though they're about that everywhere i've looked recently anyway, so i dunno if i'd call it a sale I was expecting to have to turn off the cool and quiet since when i checked the Asus forums for cpu support for them on the M2N-e i read...

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  33. Q9505 vs Q9550...6mb?

    how much difference does the extra 6mb make, and is it worth the extra 60$? i figure since my current CPU being a dual core and having 6mb L2, the logical thing to do when switching to a quad, would be to double the L2 cache as well, but i was wondering will 6mb be enough for gaming for the next...

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  34. Sempron 2600+

    Look at this super fast CPU!! Whopping 200MHz overclock :p Motherboard is absolutely terrible, only 'voltage' control I have is to add 0.1V to the CPU. Nothing else. Only frequency I can change is the FSB. No wonder VIA left the chipset business (ASUS K8V-X SE). But yeah, decided to...

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  35. which athlon X2 do i keep?

    I have two socket 939 Athlon X2 4200's here, one is a toledo, the other is a manchester...... I'm trying to figure out which to keep......my main concern's probably geared more toward heat and power consumption than performance, they're both 4200's after all

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  36. Intel i965 Extreme is here!

    Santa arrived a bit early this afternoon but do I care? HELL NO! :D:D By akhandyman I got the processor and memory along with a few extra goodies for the i7 build. Just need a motherboard ... I'm waiting for that turd DFI X58 motherboard to hit the U.S. shores ... sometime next week....

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  37. I am so jealous

    **********************.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=239946 Core 2 Duo E8700. 3.5GHZ, 10.5x multi. They sent it to him mistakenly. ****************cgi.ebay**********/Intel-E8700-Core-2-Duo-Chip-E8600-w-10-5-Multiplier_W0QQitemZ220518926013QQcmdZViewItemQQptZCPUs?hash=item3357f3c6bd Looks like he's selling...

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  38. Intel is in trouble with the law again.

    putting aside whether or not you're a fan or not. in a business stand point, this sure looks interesting. "A key part of Intel's strategy for years has been to help PC companies market their products. Under the "Intel Inside" programs, PC makers you touted their use of an Intel processor or a...

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  39. Questions About Amd 550

    Hi i Recently got amd 550 BE the processor is fabbulos and want to ask that as teh multiplier is unlocked can i move the multiplier to 30 its now at 15.5 by default

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    11-01-09 01:16 PM Go to last post
  40. Amd Temp & Cobfiguration

    hi people i am using amd 6000+, with a gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H (rev.1.1) mobo, i have no issue with my pc, i have downloaded amd overdrive and tried to do Auto clock Its overclocing now and i jsut checked maximum temp it is very high 87 Degree, pls suggest me should i stop it or unisnatll the...

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