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Thread: System 32 folder opens on boot up.

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    Default System 32 folder opens on boot up.

    I just repaired my boyfriend's computer of viruses and over 285 spyware files. But I still have a problem of the System 32 folder popping up (opening) when I turn on the computer. I've went into msconfig/startup and there are tons of system 32 processes checked, I unchecked all and rebooted, it only worked once, then reverted back to all selected. Can anyone help me? I'm using Windows xp home. Should I reinstall Windows XP or would that even make things worse.

    Thanks bunches.

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    You'll probably need to remove the system32 folder entry in the startup area of the registry. BACK UP your registry in case you delete the wrong things though. To do this, go Start->run, and type regedit. Then close any folders that are open inside and choose file->export registry. Now, to check if that system32 folder's opening on startup as a result of a registry entry, go HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->SOFTWARE->Microsoft->Windows->CurrentVerson, and then click on the Run folder rather than on the plus sign beside it. In this folder is everything that starts up when your computer boots, so if something in there mentions the system32 folder, then you can give it a try and get rid of it. Another place you might find it is HKEY_CURRENT_USER->SOFTWARE->Microsoft->Windows->CurrentVerson->Run. Be careful though, because System 32 houses a lot of drivers that you wouldn't want to be deleting when you start up.
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