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Thread: how to oc with all this hardware ?

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    pstan Guest

    Default how to oc with all this hardware ?

    - amd xp 2600
    - gigabye GA-7VT600-P
    - 2x geil pc 3200 512mb
    - hercules ati 9800pro 128mb
    - 80g samsung

    anybody have idea how far system can be go , or do i need to upgrade some other hardware ?
    the system bus was set - core speed 1954 mhz
    - multiplier x11.5
    - fsb 170
    - bus speed 339.9 mhz

    thanks .

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    Welcome to PCStats pstan!!

    How far your system will go depends on what kind of core that CPU has. Your RAM and motherboard should give you lots of room, 200MHz FSB at least. I beleive 2600s come in both Thoroughbred and the newer Barton core. CPU-Z will tell you for sure what you've got. Bartons tend to reach the 2.3-2.4GHz range where the Thoroughbreds don't make it quite as high.

    Not sure of your experience, but if you are just getting started check out my Begginers Guide to Overclocking.

    Let us know how it goes!

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    well u got a great overclocking machine right there!!!...just start raising the FSB slightly...do it in small increments like 2-5
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    Well, just set your Vcore to 1.85V, raise the FSB to 200 MHz (this will give you 400 MHz memory bus speed), and raise the multiplier to 11. This will get your system overclocked to 2.2 GHz, which is 3200+ level performance. As westy said, if your cpu is a Barton core, you can raise the overclock further to 2.3~2.4 GHz. If it's a Thoroughbred core, it should top out near 2.2~2.3 GHz. The other concern is whether or not your cpu is locked. That means that you can't change the multiplier. If so, then you can overclock only by raising the FSB. Even so, it should be locked at 11, so you can still get 2.2 GHz by raising your FSB to 200. The best way to overclock is to set the multiplier lower and to raise the FSB as high as you can, until you reach the highest combination your system can run stably. Westy wrote a good article about it, so just follow that and experiment. As long as your cpu temps don't go beyond 55~60C consistently, you should be fine. But do keep your eye on the temps. You don't want to fry anything. Get back to us.
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