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Thread: Overheating PC

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    Question Overheating PC

    Hi all,

    Having a bit of a problem with my pc lately... I can run windows fine as long as I don't do anything too "hectic" like burn a dvd, watch tv and maybe sory my mp3's at the same time... If I start multi tasking, it gives me the fav BSOD.

    So I am thinking of replacing some parts, just wanted to get some input from all of you out there that feels like adding a comment...

    Current Specs :
    Motherboard : Gigabyte GA-7VAX
    CPU : Athlon XP 2200+
    Memory : 2x 256MB (DDR 333)
    Display : ATI Radeon 9800XT
    Disk drives : 2x Seagate Baracuda 120GB hard drives and 1x Seagate Baracuda 80GB

    So now here goes the plan and the questions :

    1. Do I stick to AMD or change to Intel ?
    2. Any good chassis that you can recommend
    3. How many fans do I use?
    4. What fans do you recommend?
    5. Any noise reduction add-ons that you guys can think of?

    Many thanks for any input at all...


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    Are you sure it's heat causing the problems? Could be a bad stick of RAM or something. Have you done any sort of testing or do you notice the BSOD occuring during gaming? Or are you just using the problems as convenient excuse to upgrade?

    Here's my suggestions for your questions:

    1. Stick to AMD. The Athlon64s offer better performance, less heat, and 64-bit capabilities over the Intel offerings.
    2. Coolermaster, Lian-Li, Antec for the case. Get a nice high quality PSU, Antec or Enermax or my two top choices there.
    3. I have one 80mm intake fan on the lower-front, and one 80mm exhaust fan on the upper-back.
    4. I just use normal black plastic 80mm fans for my case. Thermalright makes some of the best heatsinks for the CPU. Pair their XP-90 or the bigger XP-120 with a higher CFM fan like a Vantec Tornado and things should be nice and cool.
    5. If you get a High CFM fan then a fan controller like the Vantec Nexus can help you tone done some of the noise.

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    I agree with westy about sticking with AMD for all the reasons he mentioned. As for a heatsink I would go with the Zalman CNPS7000A-Cu. The performance is the same as any other high end heatsink, except it is relatively cheap, and much quieter than a Thermalright/Tornado combo. I would also look into getting a case with 120mm intake/exhaust fans.

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    Ok, visited my local supplier *eyeshift* and got some thermal paste (from shin etsu) and a 400w PSU.

    Reseated the heatsink, installed the PSU and did a LOT of cable neatening.

    Idle CPU TEMP - 42 C
    After lotsa work and gaming CPU TEMP - 52 C

    So all seems stable now

    Going to mod the case a bit and add another 80mm or 120mm fan on the side over the CPU fan and the Radeon... Just to see if that gives it that last bit....


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