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Thread: World of Warcraft $33.00 shipped

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    Default World of Warcraft $33.00 shipped

    Walmart********** has WoW for $33.00 shipped available for pre-order.


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    Crax Guest


    Dang man, thanks for posting that... they got EQ2 for 44 bucks instead of 50 which i preordered for at ebgames... time to cancel that order Plus now I can probably pick it up day of arrival! BAH nm... they got the DVD version I want for 49.99 lol.

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    wow thats a great price to bad im movin and i cant get my dsl in that area yet : (
    abit nf7-s ver 2
    athlon xp-m 2600@2635mhz 202x13@1.85-SOLD CPU now its amd sempron 2200@222x9@1.8 intill i order my socket 754 :P
    2x256 corsiar pc3200 2.5-3-3-8
    leadtek 5700 ultra@538/1.08 agp voltage upped to 1.6
    80gb WD sata 7200rpm 8 mb buffer
    60gb MAXTOR 5400rpm 2mb buffer ata 100
    ls-120 floppy(120mb/1.44mb
    lite-on 52x32x52 cdrw
    TT 420watt psu
    aspire x-infinity case with four 80mm fans+one 120mm fan



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