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Thread: The curse is over.

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    you contradicted yourself, you flipflopped, so I figured you were a Kerry supporter.... 3 days later it doesnt seem as funny... anyhoo.... Boston is gonna win this series no question, the vegas money line is -120 most places.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin
    Oh no is he part owner of the Devils?!? Damn, I like them too, perhaps I won't anymore!

    Yeah I hate teams that buy championships and don't cultivate their own talent, lol too bad the leafs do that!

    In reality though, the Yankees represent one of the "have" teams and the gap between competitiveness is way too wide.
    most of the yankees were bred in there minor league teams. soriano achieved 39/40 in his rookie year. derek jeter is a yankee all the way also. the yankees are like all the other teams. the only difference is they wait for players that came up other teams minors to prove themselves then make trades or get them at free agency. they have the money cause they make it and spend it wisely. that is what a sports organization is supposed to do. build the best team to win. if your not doing that your not playing to win.
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