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Thread: How Can I RMA my Video Card?

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    Default How Can I RMA my Video Card?

    Well, its not really a dumb question, I just have another dilemma on my hands. XFX will not accept my video card back unless I have an invoice of my vidoe card... BuyXtremeGear on the otherhand will accept it, if I have the invoice also.. So, since I don't have a invoice anymore (HOW CAN YOU KEEP AN INVOICE FOR MORE THAN 3 MONTHS?!), how can I return it?
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    You should be able to print an invoice off of their site, at least that's what good sites like Newegg and Outpost let you do.

    At the very least, they should send you another one in the mail, and if they don't, then that's just abysmal customer service.

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    Email them, tell them when you ordered...and ask for an invoice. DO NOT say why you need it though. Never give more information than is needed.

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