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Thread: Colin's Weekly Tip: Time Locked Login

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    Default Colin's Weekly Tip: Time Locked Login

    A few weeks ago I talked about how to disable one account temporarily so users cannot log in. This Week's PCstats Tech Tip expands on that.... Instead of disabling an account altogether, why not simply limit when a user can log into their computer to specific hours of the day?

    First we'll need to enable that feature so click the Start button then run, from there type in GPEDIT.MSC and click the ok button. That will open up the Group Policy editor, scroll to this location Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Security Settings -> Local Policies -> Security Options. In the window on the right, scroll down and find the Network Security: Force logoff when hours expire policy, enable it and then close the policy editor.

    >From there load up your command prompt (Start -> run then type cmd and press ok) and we'll use the net user command to set the hours. Here are a few examples of how to set login hours...

    net user Colin /time:M-F,10:00-18:00
    net user Colin /time:M-F,10am-6pm
    net user Colin /time:M,9am-6pm;T-F,10:00-18:00
    To disable this feature simply type net user Colin /time:all. Cool eh!
    Woo it's always fun

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    Is ther a way for XP home to use the same thing cause i need to have certain family member get off and on at certain times. like be able to logon a 07:00hrs and log off at 23:00hrs or for the military time inclined people out there, 7am and 11pm. Can i do this in Home it would b great if i could.

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