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Thread: Connecting Dell laptop, wireless router, and DSL

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    Arrow Connecting Dell laptop, wireless router, and DSL

    Here's the situation:

    My parents have DSL (until Verizon's FIOS comes to their neighborhood) and a Dell Inspiron 1200 w/Dell Wireless 1350 PC card, a Netgear WGR614v6 wireless router, and a Westell E90-610015-06 DSL Modem/Router. The Wired connection works fine, I just trying to see if I can get the wireless router and the wireless card to talk to each other...
    - I have the wired connection from the laptop to the wireless router and I'm trying to connect the wireless...is having both a wired and trying to estabolish a wireless connection causing a problem?
    - The Dell laptop has a wireless "utility" that does the job of the Windows wireless wizard... but it doesnt appear to be cooperating with the router
    - The instruction manual that came with the WLan card was written for SP1, not the current SP2 specs
    - The Dell support site is annoying and blames the ISP for all problems
    - All necessary firmware is updated
    - ipconfig show's "media disconnected" for the wireless card
    - It's a cheap router I got on Overstock**********..serial number stratched off...so can't register it for Netgear tech support

    Need help getting the Dell wireless network utility to not only connect, but provide the network info (address, DNS, etc).
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