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Thread: SLI GTX 260 vs GTX 570.

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    Default SLI GTX 260 vs GTX 570.

    Well I need to get a new card and I'm torn between getting a second gtx260 to SLI vs getting a gtx 570, any pros/cons I should know about SLI to help make the decision as I've always done single cards.
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    Default Re: SLI GTX 260 vs GTX 570.

    I don't think 2x260 in SLI is better than a single GTX 570 but i could be wrong.
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    Default Re: SLI GTX 260 vs GTX 570.

    If you can get a single powerful card then go for it imo. Don't bother with SLI unless you just want to, or need some serious res...multi monitors etc. Plus worrying about a PSU to handle it.
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