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Thread: 2012 virus XP? Trojan?

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    Default 2012 virus XP? Trojan?

    My dad was using my computer, and when i went to use it, this virus xp thing popped up. I clicked it out once, but it started popping up a few other times so i just shut my computer off. I turned it back on and it seems to be working fine.. Could there be a virus festering within my computer without me knowing?

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    Default Re: 2012 virus XP? Trojan?

    scan your computer with something
    if u dont have any virus protection then get a scan from windows defender(go to start and type it in) if u hav windows

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    Default Re: 2012 virus XP? Trojan?

    Hey terenkleon,

    Sounds like it may have been a virus - whether or not it actually infected your computer is a different story (that popup may have been trying to get you to click on it - and if you had clicked on it, then you may have gotten the virus).

    One of the more common ways virus artists try to scam you out of your money these days is by having something pop up on your computer saying you have a virus - then when you click on it, it says you have to buy their antivirus software in order to remove the virus. Almost 100% of the time, the "antivirus" software they're selling you is completely fake, doesn't remove any viruses, and chances are that the same virus will pop up telling you about another "virus" in the future (and thus trying to get more money out of you).

    The way to easily identify these types of scams is just to know the name of your antivirus software - if you're using Norton for example, any window that pops up telling you that you have a virus that doesn't say Norton on it is most likely a scam.

    There are several legitimate programs available for free (or that have a free trial) which can help you identify and remove viruses & malicious software. I would recommend using two or three of them, just to be sure. I usually recommend three programs - AVG antivirus, MalwareBytes Anti-Malware, and Spybot Search & Destroy. All three programs are free (Spybot asks you to donate, but it's optional - you don't have to) and the combination of all three of them is very effective.

    PS - Remember that just installing antivirus/antimalware software is only the first step - once it's installed, it's not going to help you unless you fully update it and then run a full scan with each program in your arsenal.

    Good luck! ...and remember to come back and tell us how it went

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