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Thread: How picky is windows about a motherboard replacement?

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    Default How picky is windows about a motherboard replacement?

    I have a windows vista HP Media center m8000 that seems to have a dead motherboard. The board is an M2N7B-LA. The problem is there are quite a few different versions of the board. The one that seems the most like it I found is: M2N78-LA for HP Viola-GL8E.KQ498-69002.489363-001 MCP78PV Desktop motherboard. It's a brown PCP with an expansion slot at the bottom for more PCI slots or something. Others have a PCI slot instead of the expansion slot, others have neither, some have the word Pegatron on them next to the CPU socket, big white letters.

    The issue is I don't want to reinstall the OS, and I also don't want to REPLACE the OEM OS because it's now on a different mobo. I am looking for a new board I can drop in place and have Vista not care, or for that matter, not know that it was changed.

    What do you guys sugest?

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    Default Re: How picky is windows about a motherboard replacement?

    If the boards have the same northbridge and the same southbridge, then you should be all set and able to replace them without any real issues.

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