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Thread: Laptop backlight inverter problems

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    Default Laptop backlight inverter problems

    I am working on a friends Dell Insperon 1720 that has a dead backlight inverter. I ordered a replacement, two infact because I like to be sure, and installed it today, got to windows loading screen and the inverter failed. Installed the second one and the same thing happens. They now get into the bios load screen and then stop. I had this same issue with a 1500 series before also.

    Are these crappy inverters or is there something else going on do you think?


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    Default Re: Laptop backlight inverter problems

    Sorry, Angate, I can not helf you...

    I use go here all the time three years ago, but this place is dead...

    I looked up several members who I knew, and they have not posted for months..

    You can not even leave a link in a post...

    I am deleting my bookmark and login information, as I will not bother to come back...

    Good luck, Angate
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